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Station Access

…manual H-frame wheelchairs. Staff can safely assist passengers travelling with a manual wheelchair who have difficulty using station ramps. The Wheelchair Mover is not for use with motorised/electric wheelchairs. Passengers can request assistance by calling their station ahead, approaching staff or pressing the red emergency buttons on the platform. The Wheelchair Movers are available at Richmond, Caulfield, South Yarra, Heidelberg, and Box Hill…

Metro veteran’s 50 years on the rails

Hayat’s epic pathway to success at Metro

New to Metro?

…vel on Metro, you’ll need to travel with a myki. For information on how to buy and travel with a myki, visit Metro customer service can also help you with this at premium stations across the network. Time of next arrival Each railway station platform has a Customer Information console containing a green and red button. When the green button is pressed, an automated broadcast will announce the time of the next arriving train and how…

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