New course to deliver the fundamentals

New course to deliver the fundamentals

12 Aug 2022, Metro Newsroom

ROF, a holistic rail operations fundamental program, covers topics such as critical communications, teamwork, fatigue management, work health and safety and train track safety awareness.

With common units across qualifications in Customer Service, Authorised Officer and Initial Driver training, ROF will be delivered in stages to ensure preparedness for the Metro Tunnel Project, before opening the program more broadly to Metro.

ROF will be delivered using face-to-face training, online delivery and practical assessments and will leverage technology to distribute information.


Team members:

  • Understand how their role fits in so that they can effectively collaborate with stakeholders and add value to the business sooner; hit the ground running so to speak.
  • Build confidence in their role, not feel overwhelmed (especially in relation to rail industry terminology and acronyms, which are unique to the industry and often overwhelming)
  • Develop connections and networks to other likeminded individuals.


  • Increase team member productivity and efficiencies, reducing their dependence on direct managers or fellow team members to help ‘bring them up to speed.’

Participants who complete ROF will have foundational knowledge that will provide them with opportunities to move throughout MTM, helping to support employee retention.

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