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Metro is committed to a sustainable future

We believe real action on social and environmental issues today builds a sustainable future tomorrow. We use an environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework to guide our sustainability goals and drive outcomes. Through these efforts we contribute to global sustainable development objectives with alignment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Environmental Sustainability

Metro is committed to the sustainable operation and development of Melbourne’s metropolitan rail network. Recognising that protecting the environment is essential to our business, we strive for continual improvement of our environmental performance and make sustainable development an integral part of our strategy, culture and operations.

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Environment Priority Commitments

• Improve energy efficiency at stations.
• Identify opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our operation and supply chain.
• Adopt a circular approach to waste and materials across the asset lifecycle.
• Protect and restore biodiversity values through our Biodiversity Management Plan.

Social Inclusion, Cohesion and Equality

Metro is committed to helping to build a socially inclusive community. We aim to build and operate a public transport network that is easy to use, where all passengers feel confident and respected.

We will deliver impactful community investment, strive for enterprise-wide embrace social procurement and create a diverse, culturally safe, healthy and inclusive workplace.

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Diversity Priority Commitments

• Increase the number of women in our workforce.
• Increase the number of under-represented groups in our workforce.
• Develop and implement cultural awareness and capability training.
• Support a more diverse and inclusive culture through Metro values by tackling unconscious bias and sexism, including sexual harassment and gendered violence.
• Work to eliminate all forms of homophobia, including bi-phobia and transphobia, racism and religious vilification.

Social Inclusion Priority Commitments

• Increase engagement and spend with social enterprises and Indigenous businesses across all divisions.
• Provide support to our passengers with invisible disabilities through participation in the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program.
• Help reduce anti-social behaviour by providing targeted support to stations through community partnerships.
• Help community organisations that deliver mental health support to the community.

Employee Experience Priority Commitments

• Support the attraction and retention of diverse employees.
• Improve employee experience and engagement.
• Remove unintentional barriers to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.
• Develop an integrated leadership program that covers all leadership levels.
• Empower employees to improve their overall health and wellbeing.


Our existing governance structures ensure Metro can drive responsible corporate citizenship and underpins our ESG commitments. This includes organisational policies and procedures, risk management, compliance and auditing among others.

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Success Stories

Metro is currently undertaking a range of activities in line with our ESG commitments. Take a look at the stories below which provide a small snapshot of what we’re doing to support our passengers, our people and our community for a more sustainable future.

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