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Level Crossing Removals

Making our network and roads safer for our communities

Metro has assisted the State Government to remove dangerous and congested level crossing across Melbourne since 2015. By 2030 we will have removed 110 level crossings.

Our contribution goes beyond the tracks on the ground – we’re also building new stations, extending and duplicating rail lines, upgrading power systems, stabling and maintenance yards, and increasing car parking across the network with upgrades and new multi-deck car parks.

It’s important that we put passengers first, so our team contribute to design, safety and assurance to ensure finished infrastructure is fit-for-purpose.

Removing level crossings makes our network and our roads safer, less congested, and opens fresh spaces for communities to gather, connect and play. Each level crossing that is removed transforms the local area by providing more reliable transport options and bringing local business precincts to life.

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