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Metro is committed to best practice corporate governance

Our corporate governance system is based on:

  • Fairness – we protect our shareholders’ rights and treat our stakeholders fairly
  • Transparency – we require timely disclosure of adequate, clear, and comparable corporate financial performance, corporate governance, and corporate ownership information
  • Accountability – we clarify governance roles and responsibilities and ensure we effectively monitor the management of our Board of Directors and the accountability of the Board to both our company and our shareholders
  • Responsibility – we ensure corporate compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and our Franchise Agreement

Upholding these four pillars of corporate governance is fundamental to the sustainability of our business and performance.

Governance Framework

Together, we work as one team to uphold our governance framework.

Our governance framework includes:

  • Our four pillars of corporate governance
  • Clear delegation, decision making and accountability frameworks
  • Robust systems of risk management and assurance
  • Our corporate purpose, vision, and values
Modern Slavery

In line with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth), Metro is committed to proactively identifying and addressing modern slavery risks in our business operations and supply chain.

Metro’s Modern Slavery Statement 2022/23 outlines the actions we have taken to identify and mitigate modern slavery risks occurring in our business operations and supply chain.

Code of Conduct

Metro is committed to providing a safe, respectful, and ethical environment for our employees, contractors, passengers and visitors. To foster this environment, Metro employees are required to follow our code of conduct in their daily duties.

At Metro, we care about the way our suppliers do business with us. We seek to engage suppliers who share our values and commitment to sustainable Victorian social businesses, aboriginal businesses, women’s equality and safety and businesses which demonstrate environmentally sustainable business practices.

Visit Doing business with Metro for more information.

Conflict of Interests, Personal Relationships and Benefits, Gifts & Hospitality

Metro is committed to avoiding situations of impropriety, bias and abuse of authority that may arise, or be perceived to arise, from an employee or contractor:

  • Being in a personal relationship with another Metro employee or contractor; or
  • Accepting benefits, gifts and hospitality for themselves or others.

Metro employees and contractors have ongoing obligations to declare any perceived or actual conflict of interest that may arise from such situations. We encourage our employees and contractors to make a declaration if they are unsure if a conflict exists.


Metro has zero tolerance for any behaviours or actions that compromise our commitment to safety and integrity. We have a dedicated Whistleblower Procedure which encourages anyone to speak up if they become aware of any potential misconduct relating to Metro.

If you know or suspect Metro, or an employee, officer, or supplier of Metro, of misconduct, you can report this to the Head of Internal Audit & Enterprise Risk.

Misconduct can include breach of law or information that indicates a danger to the public or to the financial system.

  • Send an email
  • Postal mail; Head of Internal Audit & Enterprise Risk, Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Limited, GPO Box 1880, Melbourne VIC 3001; or
  • Call 0418 319 194

Metro takes its privacy obligations very seriously and works to ensure that all personal information is dealt with in accordance with all relevant privacy laws and our Privacy Policy.

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