Bike Facilities

Metro provides hundreds of bike lockers throughout our railway station network.

These lockers are available at Metro Premium Stations. To enquire as to the availability of a bike locker, contact your nearest Premium Station.

How to use Metro bike lockers

To use Metro lockers, customers must pay a refundable bond of $100 for new lockers with built-in locks or $50 for lockers requiring the customer to supply a lock. Lockers can be booked at Premium Stations for three months at a time, and renewed without paying any additional bond. Any items stored in lockers remain the customer’s responsibility.

Secure spare key

We will keep a spare key to lockers with built-in locks, and you will need to supply us with a key when you lodge your bond if you supply your own lock.

Terms and conditions

  1. Lockers are solely for the use of storing or securing a bicycle and related equipment.
  2. The occupier warrants to Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd (“Metro”) that personal identification is not false or inaccurate or identification belonging to another person.
  3. If a padlock is provided by the occupier, a key must be supplied to the supervising station.
  4. A bond of $100 is required to be paid by the occupier to Metro when the lock is built in to the bicycle locker and where Metro provides the key. A bond of $50 is required to be paid by the occupier to Metro when the occupier provides a padlock and key.
  5. Approval to occupy a bike locker is for a period of three months only and the occupier must give notification to the supervising station staff by the end of March, June, September and December each year to ensure continuation of the permit.
  6. Metro reserves the right to open and inspect a bike locker if there is any doubt as to a bike lockers use or contents, or to carry out necessary maintenance. If it is apparent that the bike locker is used infrequently, Metro will provide reasonable notice to the occupier that it plans to cancel the right of the occupier. Metro reserves the right to cancel the occupier’s use of a bike locker and re-issue it for another customer if it is persistently under-utilised.
  7. Bike lockers must be kept locked at all times.
  8. If a key belonging to Metro is lost, the occupier must reimburse Metro for the cost of replacing the lock and keys. Metro will make all reasonable efforts to release the bike quickly.
  9. Metro staff are not responsible for opening bike lockers unless a key is lost – in which case condition 8 will apply.
  10. The occupier should ensure the inside of the bike locker is kept clean and tidy and free of litter and debris.
  11. Metro accepts no liability for damage or theft of property from the facilities provided.
  12. Any damage to the bike locker, loss of key or change of padlock must be reported to the supervising station staff.
  13. The occupier must inform Metro of any change of address.
  14. Should the occupier not comply with any of the above conditions, Metro reserves the right to terminate the rights of the occupier at any time, remove the contents to storage where it will be held until collected or disposed of. The lock will be changed, the bike locker will be reallocated to another occupier, and all or part of the deposit will be forfeited.
  15. When an occupier chooses to vacate the bike locker, an appointment must be made with the supervising station master for a vacating inspection and for the occupier to return the key. If the inspection is satisfactory, details of the inspection are recorded on the permit and it will be forwarded to Metro’s finance department for a bond refund. If the inspection is not satisfactory or the key is not returned, Metro will deduct any costs associated with returning the bike locker to occupiable condition from the bond prior to refund.
  16. Metro reserves the right to review these Conditions of Use at any time.
  17. An occupier accepts these Conditions of Use and agrees to be bound by these Conditions of Use from the date that Metro issues a bike locker to the occupier.

Bike Locker Q&A

Q:    How do I find out if a locker is available at my station?
A:    Contact your local station to check availability.

Q:    What if all the lockers at my station are taken?
A:    You can add your name to a waiting list or check other nearby railway stations for availability.

Q:    Where do I need to book a locker and pay bond?
A:    You can book a locker and pay bond at your closest Premium Station, which is staffed at all times.

Q:    Why do I need to pay bond?
A:    Like any rental agreement, we require bond as security, but it is returned to you in full once you’ve finished with the locker as long as no damage has occurred.

Q:    Do I get interest on my bond?
A:    No.

Q:    Why do you need to see my identification to check my name and address?
A:    For the sake of security and record keeping we keep a list of all locker users, as we may need to contact you in some circumstances.

Q:    What am I allowed to store in my locker?
A:    Lockers are solely for use to store your bike and associated items, such as helmets, clothes, shoes etc.

Q:    How often do I have to use my locker?
A:    Lockers are provided for regular cyclists, so we may recall the locker if it remains inactive for an extended period.

Q:    Why do I have to give you a key to my padlock on my locker?
A:    To ensure the safety of all customers using our network, we require an additional key for security reasons. In rare circumstances we may inspect a locker if given strong reason to suspect dangerous, illegal or offensive items are being held in the locker. We will also open lockers at request of Victoria Police or other law enforcement agencies.

Q:    What happens if my locker is broken in to?
A:    If a theft occurs, you will need to contact the police and file a report. We assist by providing CCTV footage. However, bike lockers are used at the owner’s risk, and Metro assumes no responsibility for any goods stolen or damaged.

Ever considered riding your bike to the railway station?

It’s a healthy and affordable option with many customers now using the safe and secure Parkiteer bike cage facilities.

A Parkiteer bike cage offers 24-hour undercover and secure bike parking at 40 Metro stations across the metropolitan railway network.

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The Parkiteer bike cages at Metro railway stations are managed by Bicycle Victoria.

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Metro also offers access to a limited number of individual bike lockers at Metro Premium Stations.