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…e training has been offered as a suitable alternative. Where necessary face-to-face training continues when core rail training is required, and skills must be demonstrated so the integrity of assessment requirements are maintained. Where possible the Metro Academy adheres to the social direction provided. Metro Academy has a high risk COVID-19 safe plan in place. You can find all of our training that is still available here Building and maintainin…

Privacy Policy

…ite to Metro’s Privacy Officer via the details set out below Questions and complaints Metro is committed to providing its customers with a fair and responsible system for the handling and resolution of privacy related complaints. If you have any questions about this Policy or believe that we have at any time failed to keep one of our commitments to you to handle your Personal Information in the manner required by the Privacy Laws, then we ask that…

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Metro Performance

…nload a word doc of the Customer Charter. Your Question Answer Can I claim compensation? Compensation can be claimed by all holders of myki passes that are valid for 28 days or more Is my claim valid? Your myki must have been correctly used on train services for at least 10 days of that month How much will I be compensated? The value of a daily ticket (or other value as defined) will be uploaded onto your myki. The value loaded will reflect the sa…


…iver is close by. Passengers with mobility aids will enter and exit at the first door of the first carriage. If you aren’t using a mobility aid, keep this area clear by using the second door of the train. If You need Boarding Assistance Wait for the train at the boarding point at the end of the platform in your direction of travel. As you enter most platforms, you will find a directional decal pointing to the boarding point (shown below). The boar…

Doing Business With Metro

…ur minimum standards and performance expectations, while understanding our commitments. We welcome your interest in registering for one of the following Vendor Panel categories: Engineering Design Service – Provision of services in areas of structural inspections, surveying, civil design, dilapidation surveys, etc. Minor works – Provision of services relating to a specific scope of works around areas such as trenching, Electrical installation, asp…