Doing Business With Metro

Welcome to the Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) external document portal. MTM has established this Document Portal to provide timely, 24/7 accessible, quality information to our external business partners, Suppliers and Contractors doing business with Metro.

This portal contains current, authorised documents available to be referenced and used by external organisations in the normal course of doing business with Metro and provides capabilities in document sharing, control, document searching facility & real time access across various platforms including PC, Mobile & Tablet.

You will find two separate locations (cabinets) where documents are stored on the portal

Controlled Documents Cabinet where you will find MTM controlled Documents applicable to external stakeholders e.g. policies, standards, procedures and guidelines and other documents subject to regular review and update and distribution controls

Single Publications Cabinet containing other documents necessary for completing work for and on behalf of MTM

  • Approved products registers, Network Configuration Manual , engineering bulletins and newsletters
  • Safety and Quality Documents – alerts, bulletins, inductions, signal diagrams and Rail Industry Worker (RIW) documents
  • If you are unable to find a document you require please contact your primary Metro contact who will provide assistance.
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Please refer to the Disclaimer regarding the use of this Metro Document Portal.