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Privacy Policy

…ite to Metro’s Privacy Officer via the details set out below Questions and complaints Metro is committed to providing its customers with a fair and responsible system for the handling and resolution of privacy related complaints. If you have any questions about this Policy or believe that we have at any time failed to keep one of our commitments to you to handle your Personal Information in the manner required by the Privacy Laws, then we ask that

Support for Metro employees (COVID-19 Reporting, Employee and Technical Support)

Station Activity and Access Requests

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Metro Performance

…nload a word doc of the Customer Charter. Your Question Answer Can I claim compensation? Compensation can be claimed by all holders of myki passes that are valid for 28 days or more Is my claim valid? Your myki must have been correctly used on train services for at least 10 days of that month How much will I be compensated? The value of a daily ticket (or other value as defined) will be uploaded onto your myki. The value loaded will reflect the sa…

Metro Academy

…Train Track Safety Awareness Industry Worker News & Updates Statements of Competency Competencies Bulletins Learner Documents Rail Industry Worker News & Updates A feature has been set up so contractors can register to be notified about news & updates from all rail operators. Click here to register for Rail Industry Worker news & updates. RIW 24/7 Support If you have an issue with the RIW APP or your require desktop support or in need of competen…

“It can be a job for life” – 40 years of rail for Andrew Anthony

Filming with Metro

…with response regarding a permit. High impact filming For filming requests that are of a commercial nature and/or have a greater impact than what we consider as low impact (above), we require a minimum of 30 business days’ notice to be able to review, process and provide you with response regarding a permit. A fee will be charged for these applications, please see below for more detail. Access times Weekends are primarily the time we allow filming…

Real-time monitoring keeps Metro on track this summer

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