Station Activity and Access Requests

Station activity that requires a permit

Metro Trains Melbourne supports a range of activities including community, arts, filming and photography, cultural celebrations and charitable collections at stations across our network.

On the basis that these activities involve some sort of impact to stations, staff, operations, passengers and other members of the public, they require permission in the form of a Community Access Permit that will need to be requested via an application process.

Filming and photography requests
Please visit Filming with metro to ensure you are familiar with the specific requirements for filming, before you submit your request below. Please note that there will be fees for filming if your application is deemed as commercial in nature or determined on review to be a high impact request.

Community requests
Requests are only accepted from not-for-profit organisations, registered charities, social enterprises, community groups and government agencies.  We do not facilitate access for individuals. Due to the large amount of activity at the below stations, weekday access is strictly limited.

  • Flinders Street
  • Melbourne Central
  • Parliament
  • Flagstaff
  • Richmond
  • South Yarra

Given Metro stations are busy places recurring access is not permitted and requests for multi-day access is strictly limited.

Please visit our Community page to familiarise yourself with our community focus areas, which are part of the eligibility criteria for permit assessment.

Activity on trains
We cannot permit activity on trains due to safety reasons, Community Access Permits provide access to the station environment only.

Advertising and Promotion requests
Please see the Contact Us Page

The display of posters at stations is not permitted unless associated with an approved Metro or transport related marketing campaign or initiative. Any posters displayed without permission will be taken down by station staff.

Third party access and construction requests to the Metro rail network
Please visit Metro Site Access

Southern Cross Station activity:
All request for Southern Cross are managed via Southern Cross Station directly, please visit:

Permit conditions

Submitting an application does not guarantee that a permit will be granted.
We will make every effort to provide you with one however unfortunately it is not possible to support them all. Safety and passenger experience are our top priorities. The impacts of proposed activities need to be considered in relation to a range of regulations and obligations – land management, amenity, litter, noise, safety, lighting, accessibility, traffic flow, maintenance impacts and other planned activities.

Permit application lead times

We advise you to submit an application as far in advance as possible to allow adequate time for review as we cannot guarantee you will receive a permit in the desired time.

Low impact applications
For activity requests with minimal impact (maximum one activity, one station, one day duration) to our stations, staff, operations, passengers and other members of the public, we require a minimum of 10 business days’ notice from the proposed date to be able to review, process and provide you with response regarding a permit.

High impact applications

For activity requests that have a higher impact, we require a minimum of 30 business days’ notice to be able to review, process and provide you with response regarding a permit. Any activity that involves access to the platform and the use of equipment, such as filming may also be deemed as high impact.

Access times

While weekday activity is permitted, peak hour restrictions will apply as below unless essential or agreed by MTM otherwise.

  • Monday to Friday access: 10:00-15:30 and 20:00-24:00
  • Weekend access: generally any time of day (depending on location and other activity e.g.: special events or maintenance)

Content restrictions

In accordance with MTM regulations, the following are not allowed as part of any activity within our station precincts with no exceptions:

  • Vandalism or graffiti
  • Assaults on passengers or staff
  • Suicides
  • Fare evasion or ticket touting
  • Use of firearms or weapons
  • Drinking or carrying open containers of alcohol
  • Misuse of escalators or property
  • Unlicensed busking
  • Begging
  • Smoking or the use of illegal drugs
  • Behaving in an overtly sexual or indecent manner (including nudity)
  • Direct threats (including terrorist) to MTM, its staff or passengers
  • Anything that may negatively affect the MTM brand, the brands of associated entities or government brands
  • Anything associated with commercial outcomes for private interest.

We will refuse Permit applications which include activities which breach or contradict MTM regulations or may impact on the public perceptions of safe behaviours on the rail network.

Applicants are reminded that unless they have exclusive use of an area, approved in advance, normal operational activities will continue. This will include announcements over the PA system, passenger movements, cleaning activity and these activities will not be paused to accommodate filming.

Distribution of flyers will only be approved for essential transport passenger information purposes due to risk of litter

Station activity that doesn’t require a permit

We get many requests from people ‘passing through’ our stations who may want to take photographs or film for their own personal use.

On the basis that it will involve very minimal impact to our stations, staff and operations we allow and support this as long as the following points are considered:

  • additional camera equipment (specifically flash and tripods) are not used
  • images clearly identifying or promoting the Metro brand/logos must not be published or broadcast without our permission ahead of time
  • under no circumstances are photos or videos to be taken of MTM staff without their permission
  • people filming or taking photographs for their own purposes on MTM’s network are responsible for ensuring they comply with the requirements of privacy and data protection legislation

Filming parameters and current pandemic impacts

MTM reserves the right to determine what filming or photography is appropriate within its precincts to ensure compliance with Government health directives for public transport and passenger safety. MTM operates in line with any current Department of Health guidelines as a minimum.

Any government restrictions that impact the operation of the network, and therefore MTM need to enforce, may result in the need to withdraw/reschedule a permit or pause filming activity. This will include any previously approved applications as the safety of our network is paramount.

Apply for a permit

Before you start your application you will need:

  • a relevant copy of script/storyboard/brief/layout (for filming)
  • a certificate of insurance – Minimum $20 million public liability
  • to agree with our access terms and conditions as outlined in the application process

To start an application please click on the link below which will take you to a form you are required to fill out and submit.

Metro Trains Melbourne Privacy policy is here 

Permit Application Form