Filming with Metro

Filming with Metro

Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd (MTM) facilitates all types of filming requests at stations on the network. We can offer an exclusive location for you to create visionary content.

Each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis and if approved will be issued with a permit to provide access to the station. MTM reserves the right to refuse any filming and photography requests.


We protect the Metro brand and therefore prohibit unauthorised use of the Metro logo and associated visual identity. Any use of the MTM and Metro brands must be approved by MTM prior to publishing and comply with relevant Copyright legislation.

Filming conditions

Filming application lead times

We advise you to submit an application as far in advance as possible to allow adequate time for review as we cannot guarantee you will receive a permit in the desired time.

Low impact filming

For filming requests with minimal impact (less than 5 people, non-commercial in nature, maximum one activity, one station, one day duration), we require a minimum of 10 business days’ notice from the proposed date to be able to review, process and provide you with response regarding a permit.

High impact filming

For filming requests that are of a commercial nature and/or have a greater impact than what we consider as low impact (above), we require a minimum of 30 business days’ notice to be able to review, process and provide you with response regarding a permit.

A fee will be charged for these applications, please see below for more detail.

Access times

Weekends are primarily the time we allow filming to take place.

While weekday filming may be permitted, peak hour restrictions will apply as below.

  • Monday to Friday access: 10:00-15:30 and 20:00-24:00
  • Weekend access: generally any time of day (depending on location and other activity g.: special events or maintenance)

Filming overnight

With sufficient advance notice, it may be possible to film between the hours of 01:00-04:00 when stations are closed to the public, and if there are no planned works at the location you want to use.

This does not apply to Friday or Saturday nights as the Night Network operates continuously.

Please note that filming during these hours will require additional fees/charges as specific staffing and other resources are required as well as a more detailed risk assessment.

Student Filming

Any filming and photography, done by students under the age of 18, requires supervision. Proof of enrolment at a registered education institution and the certificate of insurance must be provided on application.


MTM reserve the right to charge fees for more complex applications or where additional resources may be needed to allow approval of the permit.

Filming that is deemed as ‘commercial’ and/or is determined to have high impact will incur a fee. Further information regarding fees is detailed in the table at the bottom of this page.

Students, existing MTM stakeholders, community groups and local councils, in most cases, are exempt from these costs.

The applicable fee will be determined and communicated to the applicant following review of the application.


You must have a current policy of insurance, providing cover for death and personal injury to any person and loss of, or damage to, any property. Your public liability insurance must be for at least $20,000,000. This must be presented on application.

Specialist Content


You will need to have your script or layout approved by MTM before a Permit is granted. For feature films, scene scripts and/or storyboards are acceptable.

Permits will generally not be considered if a script or layout breaches or contradicts MTM bylaws or marketing campaigns or contains any of our filming restrictions.

MTM can refuse a Permit application without providing specific reasons, but we will normally offer advice on how you can bring your script or layout into line with its restrictions.

Shoot is part of an advertising campaign

If your application involves an advertising campaign, please contact MTM’s advertising contractor Ooh Media for information. See the Contact Us page for further details.

Private photographers travelling through the station

We get many requests from tourists, train enthusiasts, budding photographers and customers ‘passing through’ a station who may want to take photographs for their own personal use. We agree that this is acceptable, at the station’s discretion, as long as additional camera equipment (including flash and tripods) is not used.

However, images clearly identifying or promoting the Metro brand/logos must not be published or broadcast without our permission ahead of time.

Under no circumstances are photos to be taken of MTM staff without their permission.

People filming or taking photographs for their own purposes on MTM’s network are responsible for ensuring they comply with the requirements of privacy and data protection legislation.


Subject Restrictions

In accordance with MTM regulations, the following are not allowed to be filmed or photographed within our station precincts with no exceptions:

  • Vandalism or graffiti
  • Assaults on passengers or staff
  • Suicides
  • Fare evasion or ticket touting
  • Use of firearms or weapons
  • Drinking or carrying open containers of alcohol
  • Misuse of escalators or property
  • Unlicensed busking
  • Begging
  • Smoking or the use of illegal drugs
  • Behaving in an overtly sexual or indecent manner (including nudity)
  • Direct threats (including terrorist) to MTM, its staff or passengers
  • Anything that may negatively affect the MTM brand, the brands of associated entities or government brands.

We will refuse Permit applications which include activities which breach or contradict MTM regulations or may impact on the public perceptions of safe behaviours on the rail network.

If your application includes a request to remove posters or signage from station poster cases or walls, MTM must approve this in advance of filming and a fee may be charged for removal and restoration of any removed facilities.  Essential operational signage e.g. emergency signage, must not be removed in any circumstances.

Applicants are reminded that unless they have exclusive use of an area, approved in advance, normal operational activities will continue. This will include announcements over the PA system, passenger movements, cleaning activity and these activities will not be paused to accommodate filming.

Equipment Restrictions

We do not permit flash photography or additional lighting unless you are using an exclusive station.

Tripods are only authorised at the discretion of operational staff and are not allowed on station platforms or near escalators for safety reasons.

Electrical supply access

For safety reasons we ask film crews to use battery-operated equipment.

The use of petrol or diesel generators is absolutely prohibited.

If you want to use our power supply, we’ll need advance notice so we can provide an electrician. You will be charged for their attendance on the day and for any pre-shoot meetings they attend.

Filming in a driver’s cab

It is not possible in any circumstances to film inside a driver’s cab.

Filming on trains

Is not permitted due to safety reasons.


Most station locations and their immediate precincts are available for a filming Permit, under the specified conditions.

Locations not Available

Due to the large number of major works projects on our network, some locations may not be available for extended periods as works take place.  You can keep up to date with upcoming planned works here

Please note: we will not be accepting applications to film at the following locations – they are entirely out of bounds:

  • Driver’s cab
  • Control Centre

The following stations are subject to a case by case review:

  • Flinders Street
  • Melbourne Central
  • Parliament
  • Flagstaff
  • Richmond
  • South Yarra
  • Footscray

All requests for filming at Southern Cross Station are managed via Southern Cross Station directly, please visit:

Exclusive access areas

We have two stations which may be accessed exclusively when not in use:

  • Flemington Station
  • Showgrounds Station

Specialised staff may be required; for example MTM electricians, which are not included as standard and will incur a fee.

A train can be hired for exclusive use, for a fee. This requires a minimum of 40 working days’ notice.

Exclusive use of a train can only be used in conjunction with Flemington or Showgrounds Stations when these stations are not in public use.  Due to operational requirements the train type cannot be guaranteed and is subject to the discretion of MTM.

The fee for exclusive use of a train will be determined following the application being made.

Fees to film on MTM locations

Unless indicated, all prices are exclusive of GST.

Fees are applied in 2-hourly increments based on time of arrival on site.

Cast and crew size 1-5 people


$500 per hour (weekdays) & $650 per hour (weekends) minimum 2 hours
Cast and crew size 6-15 people


$800 per hour (weekdays) & $1100 per hour (weekends) minimum 2 hours
Cast and crew size greater than 15.

Additional fees apply for medium to high impact film shoots based on the scope of the request.

To be determined by MTM
Exclusive use of Flemington or Showgrounds Stations $3,700 per hour. Minimum 4 hours
Exclusive use of train (must be booked in conjunction with an exclusive station booking) $4,000 per hour Minimum 4 hours
Late fee. Non-refundable. (at the discretion of MTM– should an application be requested to be approved within the 10 business day period)



Prices are subject to change pending details on application.

How to pay

A 50% deposit must be made in advance 28 days prior to the day of the activity. The final 50% payment is due 4 days prior to filming and any additional fees/hours that may have been incurred.

MTM reserves the right to prohibit any filming activity where payment has not been received.

Apply for a Permit

Before you start your application to film or take photographs on the MTM network, make sure you have a:

  • Relevant copy of script/storyboard/brief/layout
  • Certificate of insurance – Minimum $20 million public liability
  • The crew may be required to meet on site prior to filming with a Safety Officer for a review
  • to agree with our access terms and conditions as outlined in the application process

Please apply from this page.