Metro Film & Photography Terms and Conditions

Applicants seeking access to the Metro network for filming/photography must agree to comply with the following terms and conditions.

All applicants must comply with specific requirements in relation to safety, environment and emergency response issues. This ensures the safety of persons, avoidance of damage to infrastructure and avoidance of delays to scheduled train services.

The following are the minimum site safety rules all third parties must follow when conducting filming or photography on the Metro network. Additional site-specific requirements may also apply. Failure to comply with these conditions or any policy/procedure as directed by Metro staff will result in termination of any permit issued.

1. You must obtain express permission from Metro Trains Melbourne before accessing Metro premises for filming and photography.
2. On arrival, all third parties with permission to engage in station activities must check in with the relevant Station Master.
3. You must take reasonable care of yourself and others, and follow Metro instructions while on site. You must consider any risks to yourself, other activity participants, Metro employees or passengers. If you have any concerns, you must seek immediate assistance. Things to keep in mind include:
a. Ensuring the tools and equipment you are using are right for the job/activity
b. Checking that no equipment or activity is blocking entryways and exits, including emergency exits
4. If on the platform, always stay behind the yellow line when a train is approaching and remain behind the yellow line until the train has come to a complete stop.
5. You must report all rail and OHS incidents/occurrences to Metro as soon as possible.
6. Prior to commencing work, you must be fit, healthy and well-rested, and not affected by drugs or alcohol.
a. Third parties on MTM workplaces are required to have a zero blood alcohol level and be free from the effects of drugs.
b. Third parties may be subject to random, targeted/post incident drug and alcohol testing. A person who tests non-negative/confirmed positive to alcohol or drugs or who refuses a drug or alcohol test must be removed from the workplace immediately and may forfeit permission to work/conduct activities on MTM workplaces in future.
7. At the end of the access/activity, the site must be in a neat and tidy condition. Any station activity needs to:
a. Minimise litter, noise or stray light from adversely affecting the public, neighbours or regular train operations
b. Ensure all waste is properly disposed of
c. Ensure no contaminants reach the storm water system
d. Consider preservation of the flora and fauna, and any heritage restrictions in the area. If in doubt, you must seek clarification from Metro
8. You must not take inappropriate clothing or objects into the rail environment.
a. Red, yellow or green clothing or objects are not permitted as signal colours pose a safety risk with Driver communication
b. Helium balloons are not permitted for station activities
c. PA systems cannot be at an excessive volume
d. No artificial light can be directed toward oncoming trains
e. Tripods cannot be used unless specified on the approved permit
9. Activity conducted on Metro premises must not adversely affect Metro’s ability to operate scheduled train services.
a. Station activities, where possible, should be scheduled outside morning and evening peak travel periods
b. Station activities, where possible, should avoid the busiest CBD stations
10. Metro reserves the right to withhold or revoke approval of access if applicants:
a. Fail to comply with any Metro policy or procedures applicable to their agreed activity
b. Is negligent or causes or contributes to a safety incident or property damage during the activity
c. Fails to protect Metro or third party assets or infrastructure during the activity
d. The activity is no longer safe or appropriate to conduct due to a change in the station/network environment

The following is prohibited on the Metro rail network:

• Activity that disrupts or creates inconvenience for Metro passengers, staff, tenants, neighbours or the general public
• Activity in the air space directly above the train including filming and photography that involves aircraft and helicopters
• Activity that requires excavation work
• Use of pyrotechnics, dangerous or flammable substances and weapons (including spear guns, firearms and explosives)
• Production of film or photography with subject matter that is likely to be considered sensitive or offensive (this includes nudity, offensive language, violence, drug use, anti-social behaviour or political or racial content)
• Production of film or photography that may diminish the reputation of public transport or the public transport system in Victoria
• Production of film or photography to be used to promote a political party, parties or a political cause
• Production of film or photography that promotes or relates to alcohol or gambling