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Doing Business With Metro


Metro views its suppliers and contractors as partners and we care about the way they do business. The Procurement Department is responsible for the selection of all suppliers engaged by Metro, as well as the sourcing, category management and supplier management for both Goods and Services. Here you’ll find all the information you need about doing business with us, including our supplier standards in the areas of health and safety, environment and sustainability and business integrity. For further information, please email

Suppliers & Contractors

Sourcing, category management and supplier management for both Goods and Services is undertaken by the Metro Procurement Department. They are also responsible for the selection of all suppliers engaged by Metro.
Unless a separate overriding contract has been entered into with Metro, all Goods and Services supplied to Metro are required to be supplied in accordance with our standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions and Procurement Standard.

Rail Industry Contractor and Supplier Qualification Program (RICSQP)

The RICSQP is a foundational element of our ongoing commitment to moving passengers safely and efficiently across our network, as well as providing a safe, healthy and compliant work environment for all Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd (Metro) partner companies, employees and the Australian Rail Industry.

The program’s focus is designed to align all partner companies with the sustainable business practices we believe to be absolutely necessary for Metro to meet those commitments.

We want to ensure that all our contractors, suppliers and service providers (On and Off Site) meet and maintain all requirements and conditions of our business relationship including, but not limited to, general business, safety, quality, technical, environmental, insurance, financial, sustainability, operational and rail specific.

To register in the RICSQP please have your Metro contact request your company be raised as a new supplier, Procurement will then initiate the registration process.

Expressions of Interest – Vendor Panels

Metro views its suppliers and contractors as partners and we care about the way they do business. It’s important to us that all suppliers meet or exceed our minimum standards and performance expectations, while understanding our commitments.

We welcome your interest in registering for one of the following Vendor Panel categories:

  • Engineering Design Service – Provision of services in areas of structural inspections, surveying, civil design, dilapidation surveys, etc.
  • Minor works – Provision of services relating to a specific scope of works around areas such as trenching, Electrical installation, asphalting, traffic management, etc.
  • Plant & Logistics – Provision of both standard and hi rail plant and all logistical needs such as delivery and refuelling
  • Materials – Supply of materials specifically for the rail industry such as cables and ballast.
  • Hazardous Materials – provision of services relating to the identification, removal, monitoring and disposal of hazardous materials.
  • Corporate Services – Provision of service relating to ICT development, human resourcing and casual and seasonal labour hire.
  • Labour Hire – Provision of labour services in non-specialised rail areas such as vegetation, electrical, safe working, etc.

To register, please ensure you have read the Metro policies listed below and then follow the link to fill in an online registration form. This information is collected in a database that our sourcing team refers to when seeking new suppliers.

Please note: Registering your interest does not pre-qualify you as a Metro Trains Melbourne supplier or guarantee you will be contacted to supply Goods or Services to Metro Trains Melbourne. We undertake a comprehensive qualification process prior to awarding any supplier with a Metro Trains Melbourne contract.

Terms & Conditions for Purchase Orders

Policies & Procedures

Business Rules and Procedures

Number Title Updated Version
PRO-014 Safety and Environmental Requirements for Third Parties 
working on MTM Premises
10 Nov 2015 4.0
MAN-001 Business Rules for the Contracting Rail Safety Worker 13 Sep 2013 4.0
MAN-002 Signals Rail Safety Worker Competence 30 Aug 2013 2.0
MAN-003 Project Management Rail Safety Worker Competence 6 Nov 2013 1.0
Appendix 4
Project Management Assessment Template 6 Nov 2013 1.0
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