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…aff member. Disclaimer Works occur frequently across Metro Trains stations that impact or improve accessibility and the table may not always accurately reflect recent changes. Although we have made a concerted effort to ensure the content is complete and accurate, we cannot accept liability for injury or loss arising as a result of sole reliance upon this document. Please take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety on trains and at statio…

Metro Tunnel Careers

Get on the train to come to the game!!

Metro in the Community

A familiar voice: Pam puts passengers first

New to Metro?

…metropolitan trains, but only if they are muzzled. It is strongly advised that passengers with dogs do not travel during weekdays between 7am and 9am and between 4pm and 6pm. Dogs are not allowed on seats, are not allowed to block doorways or gangways and must be controlled by their owner at all times. Owners must clean up any mess created by their dogs. Small animals can travel on metropolitan trains, trams and buses, but they must be in a suita…

Rail Awareness & Safety Education – Session Types


…stomer service officer, or press the green button on the right for audible real time timetable information. Safety zones are not a dedicated boarding point. If you use a mobility device or are pushing a pram, wait parallel to the tracks and use your brakes. For your safety and the safety of other passengers, please keep your speed to walking pace. Dimensions, Manoeuvrability and Capacity considerations for mobility aids Please consider the size of…

Flying high to improve safety on the train network

Talented students promote safe travel on Metro trains