Doing Business With Metro

Existing Suppliers

This page is for suppliers who supply goods and services to Metro Trains Melbourne.

Automated procurement platform (SAP Ariba) provides a simple, transparent and quick way to manage your Metro Trains purchase orders, electronically submit your invoices and track payment status.
Quick Reference Guide

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Customised Support Materials for Metro Train Suppliers
Ariba Network Supplier Training

Maintenance of your supplier details and compliant status on Avetta
It is your responsibility to ensure your supplier record is correct and compliant status is continuously maintained on Avetta platform.  Accurate current information on the supplier record and compliant status on Avetta platform ensures the success of:

  • Purchase Order transmission
  • Invoice submission
  • Payment to your bank account

For changes or maintenance to:

  • Your supplier details, please email here.
  • Avetta profile of your organization, please login to your Avetta account at Avetta Portal.

Accessing Metro Trains’ Locations
It is essential that any supplier or contractor who is operating on a Metro Trains site seeks the appropriate approvals.

Tender Opportunities
Most Metro Trains tenders are by invitation only.  Organisations that currently supply Metro trains Melbourne are welcome to tender for new opportunities by submitting the online form