Metro’s Rail Safety Education

Free rail safety education for schools and communities

Metro’s Community Education Program aims to connect with students and community members, encourage positive and safe behaviour around trains and tracks, and give everyone the confidence to travel safely on the network.

Delivered by a team of friendly and engaging facilitators, we offer a range of sessions, delivered free to primary and secondary students and community groups.

Sessions are available Monday – Thursdays, covering a range of topics including:

  • Staying safe around trains and tracks
  • Journey Planning and MYKI
  • Tickets and concessions
  • Dangers of trespassing
  • Getting help or assistance

Find out more about what our sessions cover for specific audiences, which can be tailored further to suit your group’s requirements.

Primary School

With a focus on foundational rail safety our Primary School sessions are delivered in a fun and engaging way and cover emergency assistance, staying safe, who to speak to for help and myki.

  • ​​​​​​​Introducing Rail Safety – Years 1&2
  • Responsibly Rail Safety – Years 3&4
  • Owning Rail Safety – Years 5&6
  • Independent Travel (Term 4 only) – Year 6

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Secondary School

Our secondary school sessions, available to students in Years 7-9 (or equivalent) typically run for 45 minutes and cover off safe and positive behaviour on and around trains, the dangers of trespassing, emergency assistance and myki and journey planning.

  • ​​​​​​​Leading Rail Safety – Years 7-9

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Community Groups

Metro’s Community Group sessions aim to improve passenger confidence, mobility and ensure all members of the community are safe using our rail network.

Sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of each cohort and are supportive to learners with varying learning needs, culturally and linguistically diverse and senior groups, through a variety of visual, audio and text stimulated content.

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Book a Rail Safety Education Session

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Submissions are now closed for the Rail Safety Competition. Winners will be announced in June

Metro promotes the use of PTV’s Public Transport Teachers Hub and TrackSAFE’s Learning Resource Centre where curriculum based lessons can further educate students on safe travel.