Station Access

This page provides information about accessing Metro stations. All Metro railway stations are accessible via ramp or lifts with the exception of Heyington. Some ramps on the network may be steeper than others.

Metro’s Station Accessibility Guide

Our Station Accessibility Guide lists accessibility features at each of our stations and can be used to assist with journey planning. The Guide is updated regularly and can be found here

Accessible car parking

Accessible car parking is available at many of our stations.  Please refer to Metro’s Station Accessibility Guide for more information here.

Wheelchair Movers

Metro has introduced Wheelchair Movers at selected stations to better assist passengers travelling with a manual wheelchair.
The Wheelchair Mover is a motorised device that can be attached securely to the back of most manual H-frame wheelchairs. Staff can safely assist passengers travelling with a manual wheelchair who have difficulty using station ramps. The Wheelchair Mover is not for use with motorised/electric wheelchairs.

Passengers can request assistance by calling their station ahead, approaching staff or pressing the red emergency buttons on the platform. The Wheelchair Movers are available at Richmond, Caulfield, South Yarra, Heidelberg, and Box Hill stations.

Image of a smiling station staff member using a Wheelchair Mover to assist a passenger up a steep ramp. The passenger is also smiling.