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…uire desktop support or in need of competency validation, please contact 1300 101 682 or email If you’re calling to log a fault please ensure you take note of the job number and email this to so the Metro competency team can monitor the fault progress. RIW APP Instructions RIW APP Instructions Access to the RIW App must be selected by your primary employer on your RIW profile. Track Force Protection…

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…d, peak hour restrictions will apply as below. Monday to Friday access: 10:00-15:30 and 20:00-24:00 Weekend access: generally any time of day (depending on location and other activity g.: special events or maintenance) Filming overnight With sufficient advance notice, it may be possible to film between the hours of 01:00-04:00 when stations are closed to the public, and if there are no planned works at the location you want to use. This does not a…

Veteran train driver reveals the untold trauma of trespassing

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…f the line has been suspended due to an unplanned disruption. Replacement buses will be used where possible, but alternative modes of transport should also be considered. Travel alert – there will be special instructions or information for your line. Cancellation alert – special instructions or information exists for this line for a cancelled train. Works Alert – planned improvement works that are occurring within the next 24 hours that will alter…

Get on the train to come to the game!!

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