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…his information here. Monthly Results Compensation Refunds 98.4% Delivery 90.0% Punctuality May 2018 Results 99.0% Delivery 93.2% Punctuality April 2018 Results 98.6% Delivery 91.2% Punctuality March 2018 Results 98.8% Delivery 91.8% Punctuality February 2018 Results 98.8% Delivery 92.3% Punctuality January 2018 Results 98.8% Delivery 91.6% Punctuality December 2017 Results 98.9% Delivery 92.6% Punctuality November 2017 Results 99.0% Delivery 92.6…

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…in lines spanning across the growing metropolis of Melbourne. With over 2,200 week day services and more than 3,000 services on the weekend, we’ll get you to where you need to go. Accessing the Metro network is simple – just follow these few steps. Find your nearest station The Network Map section of this website has a map of Melbourne’s Metro network and also maps of each Metro train line. Buy a ticket To travel on Metro, you’ll need to travel wi…

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…r related entities, to provide such direct marketing to you, please call 1800 800 007. Retention and Disposal of Information We only keep Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We will destroy such information or de-identify that information once sufficient time has elapsed to be certain that the information will no longer be required for those purposes for which it may be used under this Policy. Sending Personal Information…

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…nability Policy Click here to download the Metro Environment & Sustainability Policy. Business Rules and Procedures Number Title Updated Version PRO-014 Safety and Environmental Requirements for Third Parties working on MTM Premises 10 Nov 2015 4.0 MAN-001 Business Rules for the Contracting Rail Safety Worker 13 Sep 2013 4.0 MAN-002 Signals Rail Safety Worker Competence 30 Aug 2013 2.0 MAN-003 Project Management Rail Safety Worker Competence 6 Nov…

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