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…imetables. For all other travel information such as journey planning, timetables and ticketing, the following will assist you: Metro Public Transport Victoria Myki…

Environment & Sustainability

Bike Facilities

…cupier must inform Metro of any change of address. Should the occupier not comply with any of the above conditions, Metro reserves the right to terminate the rights of the occupier at any time, remove the contents to storage where it will be held until collected or disposed of. The lock will be changed, the bike locker will be reallocated to another occupier, and all or part of the deposit will be forfeited. When an occupier chooses to vacate the…

Keeping our network ‘COVID-safe’ for essential workers

Station Access

…manual H-frame wheelchairs. Staff can safely assist passengers travelling with a manual wheelchair who have difficulty using station ramps. The Wheelchair Mover is not for use with motorised/electric wheelchairs. Passengers can request assistance by calling their station ahead, approaching staff or pressing the red emergency buttons on the platform. The Wheelchair Movers are available at Richmond, Caulfield, South Yarra, Heidelberg, and Box Hill…

Hayat’s epic pathway to success at Metro

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Metro veteran’s 50 years on the rails

Safer, cleaner trains to keep Melbourne moving during COVID-19