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…es Number Title Updated Version A2020 Safety and Environmental Requirements 20 Oct 2020 8.0 A2127 Contractor and third Parties Planned Works Checklist 20 Oct 2020 5.0 A957 Business rules manual for the contracting Rail Safety Worker 21 Dec 2020 6.0 L1-CHE-MAN-003 Signals Rail Safety Worker Competence 1 Feb 2018 3.0 L1-HMR-MAN-003 Project Management Rail Safety Worker Competence 6 Nov 2013 1.0 L1-HMR-MAN-003 Project Management Rail Safety Worker Co…

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…ed in any circumstances. Applicants are reminded that unless they have exclusive use of an area, approved in advance, normal operational activities will continue. This will include announcements over the PA system, passenger movements, cleaning activity and these activities will not be paused to accommodate filming. Equipment Restrictions We do not permit flash photography or additional lighting unless you are using an exclusive station. Tripods a…

Veteran train driver reveals the untold trauma of trespassing

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…f the line has been suspended due to an unplanned disruption. Replacement buses will be used where possible, but alternative modes of transport should also be considered. Travel alert – there will be special instructions or information for your line. Cancellation alert – special instructions or information exists for this line for a cancelled train. Works Alert – planned improvement works that are occurring within the next 24 hours that will alter…

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