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Medical Requirements

Musculoskeletal Conditions and Injuries

Physical injuries and medical conditions may affect an individual’s ability to perform duties due to the inability to carry out work tasks or respond appropriately to emergency situations.

Musculoskeletal assessments look to identify where an individual may experience difficulty performing the duties of the role, or where an individual may be at increased risk of injury.

An individual is evaluated on;

  • Gait – the ability to walk on flat and uneven surfaces
  • Spine – the strength and range of movement of the cervical and lumbar-sacral spine
  • Limbs – The power and range of movement of the upper and lower limbs
  • Pain – the presence of musculoskeletal pain that may impede movement
  • Balance – the person’s sense of balance

Certain roles may require an individual to undertake a further Functional Assessment or practical demonstration to prove they are able to meet particular requirements.

Approach to fitness for duty

More likely to be fit for duty if;
An individual is more likely to be considered fit for duty if they are able to meet the physical requirements of the position applied for whilst demonstrating good range of motion and strength.

Less likely to be fit for duty if;
An individual is less likely to be considered fit for duty if on examination they are found to have a lack of range of motion, pain, weakness, instability or another impairment from a musculoskeletal condition that results in an inability to perform the inherent requirements of the position applied for or if there is increased risk of exacerbating a pre-existing injury.

You are unique
Everyone’s musculoskeletal conditions and injuries are different. How you are affected will depend on a range of circumstances. The assessing Authorised Health Professional decisions are made on a case by case basis. A particular assessment decision is based on the individual circumstances of the applicant under consideration.

Letter from your treating doctor
If you have or have previously had a musculoskeletal condition or injury and are considering applying for a position at Metro Trains Melbourne, please bring any relevant information from your treating practitioner detailing your medical condition with you to your medical assessment.