Metro is an active participant in making transport accessible to all people. We make ongoing efforts to meet the access needs of all of our customers.

Information for Wheelchair Customers

Access to trains

Wheelchair access is available on all Metro trains. To board the train, proceed to the dedicated access points on the platform, marked with either a white or yellow rectangle. Drivers will provide a boarding and departing ramp; just let the driver know which station you need to stop at.

Platform and station access

Access ramps to platforms are available at most stations. Lift access is available at all of our City Loop stations including Flinders Street and Southern Cross, as well as Box Hill, Dandenong, Boronia, North Melbourne, Nunawading, Laverton, Footscray and Watergardens.

In the event of a lift outage at a station without an access ramp to the platform, customers with special needs can seek assistance from Metro staff or by pressing the red ‘Emergency’ button.

Groups and staff assistance

If you are travelling in a large group or need Metro assistance, please call us on 1800 800 007 and we will be able to help you make travel arrangements.

Station facilities

All Premium Stations provide toilet facilities for customers in wheelchairs.

Information for Vision Impaired Customers

Platform and station access

Tactile paths will guide you through our stations and platforms to street level via lifts.

Train information and help

We announce the time and destination of all train services before they arrive at the platform. On board, our new and upgraded trains name the station on approach and also advise customers of the connecting services at that station.  Customer information consoles are installed near all station entrances (except those on the Stony Point line). Press the green button on the console for automated train information or the red button for emergency assistance.

Travelling with Guide Dogs

All public transport services throughout Victoria provide free travel for guide dogs, guide dogs in training, hearing dogs or animals identified by an Assistance Animal pass.

Information for Hearing and Speech Impaired Customers

Information display boards

At all Premium Stations, as well as 21 other stations across Melbourne, display boards show real-time information with train times and destinations. Information is also displayed on board our new and upgraded trains.

TTY services

All of our Premium Stations provide telephone typewriter (TTY) services. Call 1800 800 007 (voice) or 9619 2727 (TTY) for more information, including the location of your closest Premium Station.

Hearing loop

Hearing Loop services are available at all City Loop stations and at Box Hill, look for the internationally recognised ‘Hearing Loop’ symbol.

T switch services

Stand within three metres of our T switch signs to receive all train information announcements.

Travelling with a hearing dog

All public transport services throughout Victoria provide free travel for hearing dogs.


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