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Timetabled departures from Flinders Street towards City /



  • Good service - trains are running on time to five minutes.
  • Minor delays - journey time may be increased with trains delayed by between five and 15 minutes, however stay with your planned travel.
  • Major delays - significantly longer journey time expected with trains delayed by over 15 minutes. Consider alternative transport while we rectify the delay.
  • Suspended - a section of this line has been suspended due to an unplanned disruption. Replacement buses will be used where possible but an alternative mode of transport should be considered.
  • Works alert - planned improvement works occurring which will alter scheduled services and normally includes the use of replacement buses.
  • Travel alert - special instructions or information exists for this line.

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October 2017 performance results

Metro has delivered 98.9 per cent of all train services for the month, 92.6 per cent of which ran on time.

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