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Get on the train to come to the game!!

About Notify

…section with more room for better travel advice and special event information, complete with badge icons when content is updated *Please note that the next four timetabled departures will only be provided when line status is listed as good service. If you are travelling from a station that has multiple lines running though it make sure to select all relevant lines to ensure you get all the timetabled services running through your station. The push…

Station Activity and Access Requests

Filming with Metro

…act filming For filming requests with minimal impact (less than 5 people, non*]}*-commercial in nature, maximum one activity, one station, one day duration), we require a minimum of 10 business days’ notice from the proposed date to be able to review, process and provide you with response regarding a permit. High impact filming For filming requests that are of a commercial nature and/or have a greater impact than what we consider as low impact (above)

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Metro Tunnel Careers

App info page

…plaining why there is a delay or a change to your service. As new information comes to hand, it will arrive on your device instantaneously, much like a live blog. metroNotify also gives you access to all live service updates should you need it, as well as the ability to link through to the Metro m-site for news, journey planning and timetables. For all other travel information such as journey planning, timetables and ticketing, the following will…

Safer, cleaner trains to keep Melbourne moving during COVID-19

Metro veteran’s 50 years on the rails

Puffing Billy Goats chomp through fire hazards