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Vegetation & Biodiversity

Reconciliation Action Plan

More sustainability success for Metro Trains Melbourne

About Notify

…also be considered. Travel alert – there will be special instructions or information for your line. Cancellation alert – special instructions or information exists for this line for a cancelled train. Works Alert – planned improvement works that are occurring within the next 24 hours that will alter scheduled services. Each alert (except good service) will include information explaining the change to service. Rolling updates will be provided as an…

Delivering A Stronger And Safer Rail Bridge For Years To Come

All signs point to a bright future for Metro’s newest recruit

Train upgrades keep performance on track for Metro


…the train at your interchange point. Continue your journey or seek assistance from station staff, if needed. Independent boarding Some stations may have a raised boarding platform at the boarding point, or have higher platforms. These upgrades to the platform bridge the gap between the train and the platform to allow passengers to board independently. Drivers are still available to deploy a ramp if needed….

Government Advice & Resources

Delivering an essential service in challenging times