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About Notify

…f the line has been suspended due to an unplanned disruption. Replacement buses will be used where possible, but alternative modes of transport should also be considered. Travel alert – there will be special instructions or information for your line. Cancellation alert – special instructions or information exists for this line for a cancelled train. Works Alert – planned improvement works that are occurring within the next 24 hours that will alter…

Virtual Station Tours

Train upgrades keep performance on track for Metro

Metro Film & Photography Terms and Conditions

Metro Academy

…Train Track Safety Awareness Industry Worker News & Updates Statements of Competency Competencies Bulletins Learner Documents Rail Industry Worker News & Updates A feature has been set up so contractors can register to be notified about news & updates from all rail operators. Click here to register for Rail Industry Worker news & updates. RIW 24/7 Support If you have an issue with the RIW APP or your require desktop support or in need of competen…

Doing Business With Metro

…as partners and we care about the way they do business. It’s important to us that all suppliers meet or exceed our minimum standards and performance expectations, while understanding our commitments. We welcome your interest in registering for one of the following Vendor Panel categories: Engineering Design Service – Provision of services in areas of structural inspections, surveying, civil design, dilapidation surveys, etc. Minor works – Provisi…

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Reconciliation Action Plan

Let’s look out for the little ones

…r kids. They can be loud, rushed, crowded and unfamiliar. At Metro, we are committed to ensuring that you are aware of the potential hazards around stations, to ensure your children are safe when onboarding and exiting the train. By applying some simple steps, we can work together to help keep your child safe around station platforms: -Myki barriers can be at a child’s eye level and can close quickly if you’re not prepared. Ensure that your child…