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Privacy Policy

…isclose your Personal Information for other purposes unless you consent to that use/disclosure or that use/disclosure is required for legal or safety reasons. Metro will only disclose to a third party such Personal Information that is relevant for the purpose of the disclosure. Metro will only transfer your Personal Information to another individual or organisation in limited circumstances, including that the recipient is subject to equivalent Pri…

Support for Metro employees (COVID-19 Reporting, Employee and Technical Support)

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Metro Performance

…refunds to myki passes. To do this, an application for a replacement myki must be completed and submitted to myki. These are available from the PTV website. In the case of a damaged or defective myki you can visit any premium station and receive a replacement card. Any existing balance on your old card will be transferred to the new one as part of the replacement process. In the case of a lost or stolen myki you will need to complete and submit a…

Our Approach

Filming with Metro

…ed in any circumstances. Applicants are reminded that unless they have exclusive use of an area, approved in advance, normal operational activities will continue. This will include announcements over the PA system, passenger movements, cleaning activity and these activities will not be paused to accommodate filming. Equipment Restrictions We do not permit flash photography or additional lighting unless you are using an exclusive station. Tripods a…

Real-time monitoring keeps Metro on track this summer

New to Metro?

…lowed on seats, are not allowed to block doorways or gangways and must be controlled by their owner at all times. Owners must clean up any mess created by their dogs. Small animals can travel on metropolitan trains, trams and buses, but they must be in a suitable container. For more information, about travelling with animals, visit Need any assistance? Look for a Metro employee, load this website on your smartphone or call 1800 800…

“It can be a job for life” – 40 years of rail for Andrew Anthony