Let’s look out for the little ones

Train stations can be an overwhelming place for kids.

They can be loud, rushed, crowded and unfamiliar.

At Metro, we are committed to ensuring that you are aware of the potential hazards around stations, to ensure your children are safe when onboarding and exiting the train.

By applying some simple steps, we can work together to help keep your child safe around station platforms:

-Myki barriers can be at a child’s eye level and can close quickly if you’re not prepared. Ensure that your child goes through the gate before adult at the closed myki gates, or use the wide myki barriers when travelling with young children and ask staff for assistance.

-There are slight platform slopes at various stations. When waiting on the platform with your pram at a train station, follow these steps: Turn your pram parallel to the tracks, apply the brakes and keep hold to avoid rolling.

-Platform gaps can be different at each station. Help your children step safely over the gap when boarding and exiting the train, by holding their hand or getting them to hold the pram and guiding them over.

If we all do our bit to look out for these dangers around stations, we can help keep our little ones safe.