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Veteran train driver reveals the untold trauma of trespassing

About Notify

…ication.   For all other travel information such as journey planning, timetables and ticketing, the following will assist you: Metro Public Transport Victoria Myki…

Filming with Metro

…t filming For filming requests with minimal impact (less than 5 people, non-commercial in nature, maximum one activity, one station, one day duration), we require a minimum of 10 business days’ notice from the proposed date to be able to review, process and provide you with response regarding a permit. High impact filming For filming requests that are of a commercial nature and/or have a greater impact than what we consider as low impact (above),…

Metro Tunnel Careers

Get on the train to come to the game!!

Station Activity and Access Requests

Daffodil Day

…more than 30,500 Victorians diagnosed with cancer each year, as well as their family and friends. Cancer Council volunteers will be selling merchandise at Metro stations on Friday 26 August to raise much-needed funds. If you can, buy a daffodil pin, a Dougal bear or fresh daffodils in support of someone you know affected by cancer. Click the link to find out more about Daffodil Day….

CCTV upgrades provide a safer train network for Melbourne

WiFi Passenger Flow Analysis Trial – FAQs

…on four trains. These devices will be able to count the number of active Wi-Fi devices in the vicinity of these platforms. How can I opt out? All you need to do is to turn off the Wi-Fi on your personal device and you will not be included in this trial. Can you access my personal information from my electronic devices? No. Personal information is never traced or tracked. Your devices unique identification number (MAC address) is put through two le…


…sable by a yellow striped pattern. Safety zones are monitored by CCTV, well-lit and house Customer Help Points. You can contact staff by pressing the red button on the left of the console to speak with a customer service officer, or press the green button on the right for audible real time timetable information. Safety zones are not a dedicated boarding point. If you use a mobility device or are pushing a pram, wait parallel to the tracks and use…