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Get on the train to come to the game!!

Who we are

Filming with Metro

…e for extended periods as works take place. You can keep up to date with upcoming planned works here Please note: we will not be accepting applications to film at the following locations – they are entirely out of bounds: Driver’s cab Control Centre The following stations are subject to a case by case review: Flinders Street Melbourne Central Parliament Flagstaff Richmond South Yarra Footscray All requ…

About Notify

…ication.   For all other travel information such as journey planning, timetables and ticketing, the following will assist you: Metro Public Transport Victoria Myki…

Stay Safe Around Winter

…gs that just aren’t meant to be shared. And just like the password to your bank account, please keep germs to yourself. Remember: Be wary of loose clothing. Layering is all the rage in winter. But sometimes it can err on the dangerous side, like when your layers get caught in the train doors because you haven’t cleared them properly. Don’t be a fashion victim. Be wary of loose clothing. Remember: Don’t run on the platforms! Running for your train…

Box Hill

Have you ever lost something on a train?

Change is no barrier to success for Metro’s longest-serving employees


280 extra Metro services coming in January