Upfield Line

Good service - trains are running on time to five minutes.

5 December 2015 - 6 December 2015

While track improvement works take place in the City Loop, trains will run direct to and from Flinders Street, not via the City Loop on Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 December.

To City

  • Trains to Melbourne will travel from North Melbourne, via Southern Cross to Flinders Street. They will not travel via the City Loop.
  • To Parliament and Melbourne Central
    Customers wishing to travel to Melbourne Central and Parliament, should change trains at Southern Cross and catch a South Morang or Hurstbridge line service from platform 9.

From City

  • From Flinders Street and Southern Cross
    Trains will travel from Flinders Street to North Melbourne via Southern Cross as per normal weekend schedules. Some trains will depart from different platforms than normal and passengers should check the monitors for the correct platform.
  • From Parliament and Melbourne Central
    Customers should catch the first service from platform 2 at Parliament and Melbourne Central and change trains at Southern Cross.

For full details please contact PTV on 1800 800 007.

There are no scheduled extra services at this time
There is no residential info at this time
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