Craigieburn Line

Good service - trains are running on time to five minutes.

As we upgrade our network with the Regional Rail Link and Springvale Level Crossing Removal projects, we also need to train our drivers on the new sections of track. In order to complete the training as quickly as possible and with the lowest impact to the network, we will be implementing some planned cancellations from 22 April – 30 May.

View the planned cancellations on the Craigieburn line here.

There are no scheduled planned works at this time

ANZAC Day Dawn Service
Friday 25 April
Shrine of Remembrance

Apr 25

On ANZAC Day, all trains will run to a Saturday timetable, with no late night trains.

For customers attending the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at the Shrine of Remembrance, all trains will arrive at Flinders Street before 5:45am. To allow for this, the first service on the Hurstbridge, Werribee, Williamstown, Craigieburn and Upfield lines has been altered to run earlier than the normal Saturday timetable.

The first service on each line is as follows:

Departs Hurstbridge: 4:41am (5 minutes earlier than scheduled)
Arrives Flinders Street 5:41am

Departs Werribee: 4:41am (12 minutes earlier than scheduled)
Departs Williamstown: 5:10am (12 minutes earlier than scheduled)
Departs Newport: 5:20am (12 minutes earlier than scheduled)
Arrives Flinders Street 5:42am

Departs Craigieburn: 4:57am (11 minutes earlier than scheduled)
Arrives Flinders Street: 5:40am

Departs Upfield: 5:01am (4 minutes earlier than scheduled)
Arrives Flinders Street: 5:36am

Departs Alamein: 4:57am
Arrives Flinders Street: 5:26am

Departs Belgrave: 4:20am
Departs Lilydale: 4:29am
Departs Ringwood: 4:45am
Arrives Flinders Street: 5:26am

Departs Frankston: 4:41am
Arrives Flinders Street: 5:23am
Glen Waverley
Departs Glen Waverley: 5:08am
Arrives Flinders Street: 5:42am

Departs Pakenham: 4:16am
Departs Cranbourne: 4:22am
Departs Dandenong: 4:42am
Arrives Flinders Street: 5:26am

South Morang
Departs South Morang: 4:57am
Arrives Flinders Street: 5:39am

Buses are replacing trains between Sunbury and North Melbourne, connections with North Melbourne train departures cannot be guaranteed.

For more information on trains to this event contact Public Transport Victoria (PTV) on 1800 800 007. 

There is no residential info at this time
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