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Access Guide

Station Accessibility Features * Planned accessibility upgrades Filter by station Station access attributes. Select a cell to apply as a filter. Station access Station accessible via ramp less than 1 in 14, at-grade path or lifts Select to apply filter Staffed Select to apply filter Escalators Select to apply filter Lift Select to apply filter Raised Platform Area at accessible boarding point has been upgraded to allow indpendent boarding without…

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Reconciliation Action Plan

Metro Performance

…ble customers will be compensated. Our monthly, network-wide, performance data is available online and at stations around the 10 th day of the month. The Department of Transport also publishes monthly punctuality and delivery data for train services, including line specific information. You can access this information here. Monthly Results Compensation Refunds 98.4% Delivery 90.0% Punctuality May 2018 Results 99.0% Delivery 93.2% Punctuality April…

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…uminated green button on the train door or open the door by the handle. Be aware of the small gap between the train and the platform. The train driver will close the doors automatically once you are safely onboard. Arriving at your destination All trains automatically broadcast the name of the next station prior to its arrival. Most trains also have electronic signs which flash the name of the next station. Should either or both of these services…

Privacy Policy

…vate sector is required by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) (collectively the “Privacy Laws”) and we are bound to comply with these Privacy Laws. All of our employees and officers are expected to comply with the Privacy Laws and our policies and procedures concerning the protection of personal information. What is Personal Information? “Personal Information” means information or an opinion about an indi…

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…tion of all suppliers engaged by Metro, as well as the sourcing, category management and supplier management for both Goods and Services. Here you’ll find all the information you need about doing business with us, including our supplier standards in the areas of health and safety, environment and sustainability and business integrity. For further information, please email Access Arrangement Suppliers & Contractors En…