Multicultural Express

Live international musicians on the Frankton line

Proudly brought to you by Metro Trains.

The Multicultural Express program returns on Saturday 10 December. Live international musicians will play on train services running along the Frankston line from 11.30am. Enjoy performances inspired by music from around the globe, as Metro brings you a day of international sounds and harmony.

Performances will include….

  • Zampoñistas – Bolivian pan pipes
  • Huanchaco – world fusion trio
  • Pacific Islander community singing
  • Los Parceros – Latin America and Spain
  • Faro Negro – Argentina and Uruguay
  • Pepe – European accordion at its best
  • Terrasur – Latin folk fusion and song
  • Gregory Cveigoren – wonderful Russian accordion
  • The New Monos – Cumbia, Folklore, Tango
  • Arroz con Mango – Latin American without boundaries
  • Phil Carrol – French accordion down the bayside
  • Greek Sounds – Bouzouki, guitar and percussion
  • La Descarga – Afro Colombian beats and sounds
  • Greek Fusion – Greek bagpipes, lyre and percussion
  • Homegrown – Indigenous didgeridoo echoes around the carriage

Pan Flutes On Train 1

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