Train driving brings balance to a busy life

18 Feb 2021, James Ireland

Raising three kids and driving a train is all in a day’s work for Wendy Abraham.

After working in finance for 14 years, Ms Abraham wanted an end to long days in the office to give her more work-life balance – so she turned her hand to the controls of Metro’s trains.

“A lot of my family time was going to work, and the family-life balance wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be,’’ Ms Abraham said.

“I went for it and here I am today – as happy as ever. I love it. The family-life balance I’ve gotten in this job I’ve never had. I do permanent mornings, and although they’re earlier, it works for me.”

As Melbourne’s rail network continues to transform, more drivers are needed to get Melburnians where they need to go.

The recent introduction of a new train timetable, and state-of-the-art High Capacity Metro Trains, means Metro is hiring up to 50 new part-time drivers.

Bringing more women into the rail industry remains a key focus.

Today, women make up around about 30 per cent of Metro’s train drivers, and Ms Abraham is encouraging everyone interested in a career change to consider driving trains for Metro.

“You just have to have the ability to stay calm, work under time constraints, and most importantly – you’ve got to own an alarm clock!”

Metro’s CEO Raymond O’Flaherty says, “There’s more diversity in our drivers’ ranks than ever before – something we’re incredibly proud of.”

“These new part-time train driver positions provide great flexibility and competitive pay – as we look to bring on the best possible talent to keep our city moving.”

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