Joey Teangi’s rescue tale

Joey Teangi’s rescue tale

18 Jan 2024, James Ireland

Teangi – an Indigenous word that means earthy – is the perfect name for this wallaby joey, rescued by Metro and Wildlife Victoria.

The joey was in grave danger, being attacked by bull ants and with a fox prowling nearby.

Steve Roze, a safeworking coordinator, was inspecting track between Diggers Rest and Sunbury when his team noticed Teangi moving in the pouch of his mother, who had sadly passed away.

Wildlife Victoria were called, but access to the spot was difficult following recent heavy rain.

Volunteer Lindy was able to safely reach the joey with assistance from Steve and Michael Melhelm, a GTE Rail contractor. She wrapped him in a blanket and took him to an experienced wallaby carer.

“I’m glad it was a good outcome for the little tacker,” Steve says.

Lindy took Teangi to Annie, an active wildlife carer in her 80s, who will look after the joey until he can be released.

Steve with the little tacker.
Steve with the little tacker.

“She noticed his skin was really red from all the ant bites, and immediately began applying aloe Vera gel,” Lindy says.

“She weighed him and informed me he was 603 grams, which made him approximately six months old.”

“What a great feeling, alone I did not do much, but together, with everyone doing their bit, we were amazing, a great team!”

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