Take the pledge this Rail Safety Week

11 Aug 2020, Andrew Nelson

Now in its 15th year, Rail Safety Week promotes education and community awareness to help everyone stay safe around the rail network.

Metro Trains Melbourne is one of more than 80 organisations in Australia and New Zealand taking part in Rail Safety Week, all of which have taken the pledge to be #RailSAFE.

CEO Raymond O’Flaherty recently joined colleagues from across Metro at Flinders Street Station to take the pledge.

Trespassing is one of the leading causes of disruption on Melbourne’s rail network, when a person knowingly and illegally enters the rail corridor.

Beyond the obvious risk to human life, these incidents also disrupt train services and cause trauma to rail employees, witnesses, and their families.

Metro is asking some simple behaviours of people during Rail Safety Week (and every week!):

  • Put away your phone when using a pedestrian crossing, and look both ways for passing trains;
  • Stand behind the yellow line at stations at all times and;
  • For motorists approaching a crossing with boom gates, only drive across when the traffic is clear ahead.

You can make your own #RailSAFE pledge here: https://tracksafefoundation.com.au/railsafe-pledge

In July, 398 trains were delayed due to trespassing, which is 78 less than the previous month.

These are encouraging signs, but this unacceptable behaviour is still occurring, and we continue to work hard to deter and disrupt trespassing on our network.

In July, Metro met both its delivery and punctuality targets, reaching 98.9 per cent and 96.3 per cent respectively.

Some of the other factors that impacted Metro’s performance in July included:

  • Weather events including heavy rain delaying 211 services;
  • Ill and unruly passengers delaying 105 services and;
  • External power outages delaying 193 services.
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