Stop Here

Stop Here is an app developed by Metro that makes travelling on our network easier and more accessible.

Using location technology on smart phones, Stop Here sends push notifications to let customers know when they are approaching and arriving at their desired stations. Stop Here provides another layer of information for customers, in addition to station and on-board announcements.

The app can be used by all passengers including international  and interstate visitors unfamiliar with the network, as well as infrequent travellers. Mostly, it will be a huge benefit for our vision and hearing impaired customers, who will no longer need to count stations while travelling on the train.

Stop Here utilises technology to provide comfort for our customers finding their way around Melbourne, improves accessibility and provides a level of reassurance that you will never miss your stop again.

The app has been endorsed by the Australasian Railway Association and was developed with assistance from Vision Australia, Blind Citizens Australia, VicDeaf, and Guide Dogs Victoria.