Safer train travel in shared corridors

28 Apr 2021, James Ireland

Signal upgrades provide extra safety where Metro and V/Line trains operate on shared rail lines.

At key junctions where metropolitan and regional trains share the same section of track, Metro has carried out Train Protection Warning System (TPWS) signalling upgrades.

The upgrades have been completed at Flinders Street, Southern Cross, Franklin Street, North Melbourne, Kensington and Essendon.

The system works in two parts:

  • when a signal is at ‘stop’ the TPWS applies the emergency brake if a train proceeds past the signal
  • when the signal is at ‘proceed’ it will not apply the emergency brake when the train travels past the signal.

Metro’s Franchisee Projects Team built, tested and commissioned 48 TPWS units on the network over the past 10 months.

Priority areas were identified based on speed limits, train frequency and potential safety consequences.

Metro Senior Project Manager Connor Parker says, “All our efforts are working towards making the Metro network a safer place for our passengers, as we integrate new safety technologies with original railway signaling systems.”

Further TPWS upgrades are planned at locations, including Stony Point, Frankston, Craigieburn and Broadmeadows.

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