Raymond joins Metro Academy for Rail R U OK? Day

Raymond joins Metro Academy for Rail R U OK? Day

25 May 2023, Nick Andreula

Metro Academy people came together on Rail R U OK? Day to connect and reflect on the culture change at the Academy, and hear stories from our colleagues talking about their experiences at Metro. The gathering also created the forum for opening the new Metro Academy Station for training, Platform 14b.

In a setting like the Academy, with a mission to support our diverse workforce to obtain competency and qualifications, it was important to reflect that no qualifications are needed to ask our people if they are okay. Attendees heard how Metro has leaned in and provided support at the right time so our people are able to flourish and succeed.

While visiting the Academy, Raymond cut the ribbon to officially open a new mock platform, Platform 14b, a project that has seen many groups of people across Metro support our vision for creating a training centre of excellence. The platform creates a space for trainees to learn how to support our customers in an immersive environment.

A big thank you to the Infrastructure Delivery team, who installed PIDS and CCTV to get this project across the line in time, truly displaying the One Team Value that enables our success.

Attendees were invigorated having the opportunity to have meaningful personal conversations with the CEO and were reminded how important they are in the growth of Metro.

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