Pram Safety

Metro is committed to making train travel safe, easy and enjoyable for customers with young children. There are some important things to remember when travelling with prams to ensure a safe and comfortable experience:

At the station

  • Keep a firm hold of your pram when anywhere in the stations (particularly when touching on your myki)
  • When entering a gated station, please see staff member to assist with entering through the barriers.
  • To prevent your pram from rolling away, always apply pram brakes whilst on the platform
  • Use the pram’s harness and wrist strap
  • When moving through the station or waiting for the train, keep your pram parallel (sideways) to the tracks, behind the yellow line
  • In case of emergency, press the red button on the Customer Help Point for assistance


  • Board towards the front of the train where the driver is close by.
  • If you have a three wheeled pram, lock the front wheel if possible
  • Ensure the child is secured with pram harness
  • Board the train with the pram in front of you, lifting the front wheels over the gap
  • If you have an older child with you, have them hold your hand or the pram and help them step safely over the gap
  • In the case of an emergency, press the Passenger Emergency Intercom inside the train carriage to notify the driver


  • Prepare yourself to exit the train a few minutes before you reach your stop
  • Ensure your baby is secured and older children are holding on to the pram or your hand to exit together
  • When exiting the train, step out first then pull pram towards you, rear wheels first