New and Dendy Streets pedestrian crossing access changes

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New and Dendy Streets pedestrian crossing access changes

7am Tuesday 26 July to 5pm Tuesday 9 August

As part of the Victorian Government’s investment in the train network – helping to improve safety – we are upgrading the Dendy Street pedestrian crossing.

In preparation for the upgrade, preliminary works will take place in the rail corridor at the Dendy Street pedestrian crossing in Brighton. The works will take place from Tuesday 26 July to Tuesday 9 August between 7am and 5pm.

During this time, the pedestrian crossing on New Street will be closed.

What to expect:

  • low to medium levels of construction noise may be experienced at times.
  • the use of machinery including trucks, excavators, and non-destructive digging machines.
  • construction of the infrastructure for the new signalling system.
  • wayfinding signage and traffic management in place to direct people safely around the worksite as required.
  • increased local traffic from work vehicles.