Passenger Behaviour

There are a few simple things we can do to keep ourselves and our fellow passengers safe around trains. Help us make the daily commute as comfortable as possible, for everyone on board.

Backpacks on the ground, creates space all around

Take a second as you board to make a little more room for others, by taking off your back pack and placing it between your feet.

Move down inside the carriage, so we can all enjoy the ride

Moving down and making more room means more people can have an easier journey, get to work on time and everything runs a bit smoother

Step off and back on to keep doors clear

When the train’s crowded, the doorways can get blocked. Help create some room by getting off the train if you’re near the doorway, and let passengers pass.

Hold your little ones tight, so they don’t slip out of sight

Trains stations can be busy places for children, so make sure you hold onto them tight and help them step safely over the gap to board or exit the train

You’re less likely to slip, if the rails in your grip

Make sure you hold onto the handrail while you are riding the escalators, to ensure you don’t fall.

Check yourself around trains.