Metro’s new vision provides a roadmap for the future

Metro’s new vision provides a roadmap for the future

1 Sep 2023, James Ireland

Metro Trains has released its new company vision and purpose.

Under the banner of “We Move Melbourne” Metro’s new refined purpose provides a clear and simple drive to show that running a railway is about more than moving passengers from A to B, it’s about supporting passengers and to reflect the community it serves.

Along with its new purpose, Metro’s new vision statement “Shaping our future to be a world-class railway for Melbourne” ensures Metro is focussed on a long-term sustainable railway and that it works productively with the Victorian Government to ensure a positive legacy for future generations.

Metro Trains’ CEO Raymond O’Flaherty says, “Every day colleagues work hard to make our railway the best it can be, and now is the time to refresh our purpose and vision and to reflect on what we are working towards.

“As the rail operator, we play an integral part in the lives of millions of Melburnians, and it’s essential that we not only move them around the city, but we work towards moving the city forward.

“Through our partnership with the Victorian Government we’re ensuring that future generations of Melburnians can benefit from our hard work by giving them a world-class train network.”

Metro’s new purpose provides an opportunity for all employees to feel a renewed energy as their work to support passengers is acknowledged as being at the core of the company’s work.

It encourages employees to act as One Team and to innovate to create and maintain a world-class train network.

Metro operates 1000km of track and 221 stations across Melbourne. More than 7000 employees deliver more than 60,000 train services every month.

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