Australia’s first electric piling rig at Kananook

Australia’s first electric piling rig at Kananook

31 Jan 2024, James Ireland

Australia’s first electric piling rig is helping with works on the Kananook Train Maintenance Facility, contributing to the sustainable operation and development of Melbourne’s rail network.

The Liebherr LB30 Unplugged is estimated to save a massive 15 tonnes of CO2 at this site. The eco-friendly rig is powered by the Kananook Substation where it is charged overnight for use during the day.

The rig is set to finish off all 162 piles at Kananook this week. Each pile, which will help stabilise the ground under the project, is an impressive 18m deep and 900mm in diameter.

The piling rig is being put through its paces in a test run before it moves on to other Big Build projects. Crews have observed that its power and performance matches traditional diesel-powered piling rigs, with some operators reporting an improved performance.

In addition to environmental benefits, the electric rig produces little to no engine noise, meaning works are quiet, a huge win for when works are happening overnight.

James Nicholson, Piling Rig Supervisor at Kananook said the machine works very effectively.

“It’s very responsive, and for the team working on site, no engine noise means it is better environment to work in”.

The ongoing enhancements to the Kananook Train Maintenance Facility will more than double its train storage capacity, from eight to 21 trains.

The Frankston Line will be level crossing-free by 2029 with all 27 dangerous and congested crossings gone for good, and 17 new stations built, changing the way locals live, work and travel.

After completing its work at Kananook, it is likely the piling rig will be sent to work on the North East Link Project later this year.

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