Ghada’s engineering an EPIC future

31 Aug 2021, James Ireland

She spent years on the run, living with her family in fear after ISIS occupied her hometown in northern Iraq.

Now, life has changed significantly for Ghada Sheto.

This year she began her professional journey with Metro Trains Melbourne as part of the Engineering Pathways Industry Cadetship – or EPIC program.

Ghada – born and raised in the Assyrian city of Qaraqosh in northern Iraq – is now an engineering cadet working with the Rail Systems Alliance.

She emigrated to Australia with her family in 2019 to begin a new life.

“I left my country and fled to Lebanon after ISIS occupied my town in 2014,” Ghada said.

“I hoped to seek asylum in Australia, and after four years of waiting, I finally arrived with my husband, my mother and my children.”

Ghada has a degree in Communication Engineering from the University of Mosul in Iraq.

“I am so lucky to work with such wonderful people – everyone offers their support and help with joy,” Ghada said.

The EPIC program employs engineers from refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds and helps launch their careers on some of Victoria’s biggest projects.

Metro’s Projects division has employed 12 refugee and asylum seeker cadets through the EPIC program – seven of whom are from the 2021 intake.

Cadets are provided an Australian engineering qualification and paid employment working on level crossing removals and the Metro Tunnel Project.

Ghada said she feels extremely privileged to be part of the program.

“I consider myself fortunate first, to arrive in Australia, and second, to be accepted into the EPIC program,” she said

“This wonderful program gives heaps of support to refugee and asylum seeker engineers, enabling them to achieve their goals, improve themselves and start their careers in Australia.”

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