Extra services all footy season

Grand final

Grand Final Parade

Friday 28 September, 12pm, CBD

Before the parade to Parliament from
Mernda, departing 10.18am and 10.27am
Greensborough, departing 10.35am and 10.45am
Syndal, departing 10.40am and 10.52am
Sandringham, departing 10.59am and 11.19am

After the parade, departing Jolimont
Greensborough, departing 1.42pm and 2.02pm Platform 2
Mernda, departing 1.45pm and 1.53pm Platform 2

After the parade, departing Richmond
Glen Waverley, departing 1.40pm and 1.57pm platform 9/10
Sandringham, departing 1.46pm and 2.06pm Platform 2

West Coast v Collingwood

Saturday 29 September, 2.10pm, MCG

Before the game, to Jolimont from
Mernda, departing 12.09pm and 12.29pm
Greensborough, departing 12.36pm and 1pm

Before the game, to Richmond from
Pakenham, departing 12pm
Sunbury, departing 12.21pm
Upper Ferntree Gully, departing 12.24pm
Glen Waverley, departing 12.35pm
Sandringham, departing 12.39pm and 12.58pm
Craigieburn, departing 12.40pm
Syndal, departing 12.55pm

After the game, departing Jolimont
Flinders Street, departing 5.21pm and 5.40pm Platform 1
Greensborough, departing 5.25pm and 5.45pm Platform 2
Mernda, departing 5.28pm and 5.48pm Platform 2

After the game, departing Richmond
Glen Waverley, departing 5.21pm and 5.42pm platforms 9/10
Sandringham, departing 5.26pm and 5.47pm Platform 2
Sunbury, departing 5.28pm Platform 1
Upper Ferntree Gully, departing 5.30pm platforms 9/10
Frankston, departing 5.33pm and Platform 4
Pakenham, departing 5.33pm Platform 6
Craigieburn, departing 5.34pm Platform 1
Lilydale, departing 5.41pm platforms 9/10

Grand Final Concert

Saturday 29 September, 6pm, MCG

After the concert, departing Jolimont
Mernda, departing 7.57pm and 8.05pm Platform 2
Greensborough, departing 8pm and 8.07pm Platform 2

After the concert, departing Richmond
Glen Waverley, departing 7.59pm and 8.07pm platforms 9/10
Upper Ferntree Gully, departing 8pm platforms 9/10
Pakenham, departing 8.01pm Platform 6
Sandringham, departing 8.05pm and 8.25pm Platform 2
Frankston, departing 8.06pm and 8.12pm Platform 4
Lilydale, departing 8.07pm platforms 9/10
Dandenong, departing 8.08pm Platform 6


For more information please visit ptv.vic.gov.au or call 1800 800 007.

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