Environment & Sustainability

The Melbourne Metro Railway network and the natural environment co-exist. At Metro Trains, it is critically important we make environmentally responsible decisions that consider both current and future impacts to help protect, conserve and improve the natural environment within which we operate.

Although rail transport is one of the most efficient and sustainable transport modes, Metro Trains are always seeking ways to minimise our impacts on the environment.

We do this not only to manage our legal obligations but to ensure vital ecosystem elements such as clean air, land, water and biodiversity are protected for our community and our people’s health and wellbeing.

Metro has an Environmental and Sustainability Policy ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System to identify and manage potential environmental impacts from our operations including measures to control pollution and minimize energy, water, waste and materials.

Climate change is one of the world’s most pressing issues.

At Metro Trains, we recognise that climate change has the potential to disrupt our economy, harm our environment and diminish our quality of life.

We acknowlege that climate change is occurring and it poses strategic risks and significant impacts to a broad range of human and natural systems, and economic growth. In a connected economy, public transport plays a key part in a net zero emissions economy.

We are therefore committed to the sustainable operation of our rail network and improving our operational energy performance.

We partner with the Department of Transport on emissions reduction opportunities and climate change adaptation. In 2020 we completed a climate change risk and adaptation assessment with government and industry stakeholders.

Our aspiration is Zero Harm.