Communication makes train travel easier

22 Jan 2021, James Ireland

Getting Melburnians where they need to go safely is Metro’s job each and every day.

In 2019, we worked hard to become the largest rail operator in the world to be accredited with the Communication Access Symbol.

The accreditation demonstrates Metro’s commitment to making train services accessible to everyone by equipping passenger-facing employees with the skills and strategies to assist people who have communication difficulties.

Around 2,500 Metro employees took part in more than 300 training sessions, teaching them how best to give transport advice and assistance to people with additional needs.

Metro’s Accessibility and Inclusion manager Laura Edwards says, “Public transport is for everyone – no matter who you are. It’s our responsibility to make sure that everyone in the community has equal access.

“By teaching thousands of Metro staff how they can most effectively provide travel advice to people with communication difficulties, we’re taking away a barrier that may have previously prevented them from using our service. I’m very proud of the hard work it took to get here.

“It’s been just over a year since we received the accreditation, and I know that it’s helped us to better understand our passengers who face these challenges. It’s also made sure they have a better and easier train journey – and that’s what it’s all about.”

All of this was delivered alongside Scope’s Communication Access Trainers who worked tirelessly to deliver training to Metro train drivers, Authorised Officers and station staff.

It’s been more than a year since Metro was accredited with the Communication Access Symbol, and to mark the milestone, Scope told us what the symbol and the associated training has meant to them.


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